Annabel Beerel

Client Testimonials

Dr. Beerel is the professor you wished you had in college, the mentor you wished you had during your last transition, and the life coach you wished you had at your last crossroads. Dr. Beerel has a deep intellectual and spiritual core which she draws from to frame up and guide thought processes and inspire action, applicable to both personal life decisions or professional life behaviors. Dr. Beerel is an extraordinary individual with a profound view that is extremely relevant for the today’s dynamic world of constant change and succession of new realities that challenge each and every one of us, from entrepreneur to corporate maven

The mentor you wished you had

After two days of the 2012 Women’s Leadership Summit, I feel energized and eagerly await the third and final day. Annabel has presented valuable information provoking ideas and expanding my psyche. I look forward to future opportunities for learning from her.

I feel energized

“Annabel did a great job ‘telling the story’ to keep (and kept) individuals interested while making her key points. Great speaker.” “She is just a wonderful speaker and speaks with such passion and enthusiasm. Thank you, Annabel. I will remember ‘earth, light, water.’” “Great way to start the day. Very motivating! Made me laugh and made me cry!” “Great speaker and story teller! I look forward each year to hear her (Annabel) speak.” “She was captivating with excellent points from life’s journey!” “I truly enjoy hearing Dr. Beerel speak. She is my favorite part of the conference each year.”

She is just a wonderful speake

Dr. Beerel is a wonderful speaker, motivating, exhilarating and compassionate. Definitely one of my professional idols.


I’ve heard Annabel speak twice. She is magnificent. I love her spirit, energy, thoughtfulness, demeanor. I love her. Thank you, Annabel


Annabel Beerel is an incredibly thought-provoking speaker who will change the way you look at ethics, leadership, and life.

Change the way you look at ethics

Professor Beerel has that unique ability to reduce the complex to the comprehensible. A highly stimulating evening.

A highly stimulating evening

New Realities with Annabel Beerel is provocative and provides incredible insight.


The ideas and assertions presented were fascinating and stimulating and will continue to provoke my thinking each day. I would recommend the seminar to all women in the working world