Annabel Beerel

Ethics Boot Camp 101

Ethics concerns choices; how and why we make them, and decision making; how we follow through on those choices. As such, we engage in ethical reasoning and decision making all the time.We all believe we know what determines ethical choices and what good decision making means. We believe our ethics are “right” and at least as good, if not better than someone else’s. Our values are important to us and we claim we are prepared to stand by them.

Regrettably, this thinking does not always serve us that well. It is possible that we can learn from other’s ethical thinking processes, even if they deviate from our own. In this way we can improve and develop our own moral reasoning and decision making processes. Ethical competency increases with dialogue and inquiry.

Further, our competency in discussing ethics is exceedingly limited without a strong grasp of the concepts and language of ethics. When, where and how do most of us acquire this knowledge? Not having this knowledge, our ability to communicate our views on ethical issues usually devolves to discussions of personal feeling and preferences – “I know what is right,” or “my conscience is my guide.”

Another part of the limitation in discussing ethical issues lies in our not working with the tension that exists between understanding our moral obligations and finding the moral courage to actually deliver on those obligations. Surely, we have all come face to face with this dilemma!

Ethics is a discipline in its own right. It includes concepts, ideas and a language that delineates its field of inquiry. Ethics is also a discipline that is alive. Ethics is always searching, inquiring, and pursuing new ends. The more competent we become in engaging in informed ethical discussions, the better decision makers we become and the greater our own vitality. The ethical life is a vital and energized one!


This seminar provides opportunities to learn about the language and concepts of ethics, and to engage in ethical inquiry in creative ways. This experience will powerfully enhance your competence in decision making.During this intensive session we explore:

  • How ethics impacts the effectiveness of your decision-making.
  • How ethics reflects your personal values.
  • How we can meaningfully integrate ethics into better collaboration with one another.
  • How an enhanced appreciation of ethics can help you positively shape the ethical culture of your corporation.

This seminar can be customized to fit your organization’s requirements.

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