Annabel Beerel

Executive Ethics: Ethics Begins at the Top


DSC_7124This seminar focuses on the role of the Board of Directors and the senior executive team in setting the ethical tone and shaping the ethical climate of the organization. The seminar provides an opportunity for important members of the corporate governance and oversight team to gain enhanced self-understanding and self-awareness and to explore how their own values and self-understanding influences and shapes the ethical climate of the organization. Through directed discussions and collaborative exercises, seminar attendants gain an insight into the deep values and ethical principles they contribute to the organization. It is this open dialogue and discussion about contributing to the makings of a “good” institution that grounds the ethical quest of the organization. Lack of attention and time devoted to ethical discussions among senior members of the organization has a direct negative impact on the corporate governance efforts of all involved. Where there is no attention to self-awareness and self-understanding there can be no ethics. Codes and rules, yes- but no ethics!


  • To provide an open forum for the discussion of values and ethical principles held important by the senior management team.
  • To explore the ethical tensions between personal values and professional lives experienced by seminar participants.
  • To examine the ethical and moral tensions intrinsic to the type of work performed by the organization.
  • To discuss the ethical implications of the organization’s growth strategies.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Members of the Board of Directors, the CEO, the senior executive team and other members of the internal corporate governance system.

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