Annabel Beerel

How to be a D*** Good Manager

Over 200 managers have taken this seminar and…


Friday, November 2, 2018, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. – Training Center at Northeast Delta Dental, 2 Delta Drive, Concord, NH

Why are there so many ineffective managers one wonders? There is absolutely no shortage of MBA programs and Management seminars touting their abilities to within a relatively short space of time take a “you,” the raw material, and put “a you” through their transformative process. Within a year or eighteen months the process will spew out the wonder product, a new you, as a now enabled and sure to be highly effective and insightful manager who is also a great leader to boot. (The famous Professor Henry Mintzberg has a lot to say about this.) Well, as Mintzberg points out, these processes are not working. Management is a practice that is learned and mastered on the job. No MBA course can make up for the real life experiences of a few months in a Manager’s seat.


Being a manager is one domain in which years of experience does not necessarily immediately result in greater skill or personal growth and development. Sadly some managers can hold a managerial role literally for years and still be hopelessly ineffective. Given this fact one asks how they manage to survive in their organizations in any kind of a management position whatsoever? Therein lies an even greater tragedy, and a whole other area for discussion which we will sidestep at this time. I will leave one small slither of insight however for us to chew on and that is that ineffective managers typically promote other ineffective managers!


The purpose of this seminar is to convey important, practical advice to managers at any level in the organization. By design the seminar is not a journey into management theory but rather an intensive discussion with ample opportunities for practice regarding the critical behaviors of management. In this seminar we discuss and personally explore issues not covered in a typical MBA curriculum such as role projections; the fight for power, or how to inspire others. In this seminar we also look at our management and authority phobias and fears and see how they impact our own effectiveness. In this seminar we relate managing directly to the bottom line. In this seminar attendees can really evaluate their own effectiveness in their own jobs right now.

Here are some of the things we cover in depth:

  • The meaning of role; role expectations; role projections
  • Authority – what that represents; how to use it
  • Power – the critical need for power and its source
  • Managing Boundaries
  • The practice of management and its paradoxes
  • Delegation; mobilizing others; resource allocation
  • Management versus Leadership
  • Inspiring, motivating, challenging and holding to account
  • Communication strategies and skills development
  • What it means to be effective and how to impact the bottom line


  • This seminar was fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone. Wish we had another day.
  • This seminar exceeded all my expectations and reinforced certain concepts such as management and leadership that I can use immediately.
  • Excellent seminar! Very relevant for me. I can use the learning immediately.
  • This seminar gave me a whole new awareness of what it means to manage effectively.
  • I wish I had learned some of the management concepts and their applications brought up in this seminar years ago!
  • I wish all the managers in our organization would attend. Things would run a lot more effectively.
  • This seminar was beyond helpful!

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