Annabel Beerel

Leadership: The Challenge to Responding to New Realities: Executive Seminar

There are the best of times and the worst of times. And then there are some damn difficult times! Right now we are experiencing those damn difficult times; when effective leadership is more critical than ever.

What makes for effective leadership? Well, first of all leadership is about managing change. Change arrives by way of new realities. New realities include all kinds of things, for example, a broken tooth, a flat tire, losing one’s job or a $5 billion dollar hedge fund scam that wipes out one’s retirement funds!

New realities continuously present themselves at our doorstep. Some new realities are big and highly significant, and some new realities are small and less significant. Either way, big or small, new realities always imply some form of change. In damn difficult times new realities are big, significant and call for challenging changes. We typically do not like change and find change difficult to embrace. Challenging changes are even more difficult to respond to.

Effective leadership is the ability to identify and align oneself to new realities, especially difficult ones, and mobilize others to respond to the changes they demand. Effective leadership is about holding people’s feet to the fire around unpalatable realities and intervening when people try to defer or conjure up realities they would prefer to deal with. Effective leadership is getting others to see that they need to adapt to change and supporting them in the change process. Effective leadership is about eliciting the learning required in the adaptive process. Effective leaders enhance the adaptive capacities of their organizations.

This seminar provides an opportunity to explore some the concepts outlined above. Participants have a chance to discuss new realities they are facing and the challenging changes they imply. They will be given tools and techniques for identifying the gains and losses associated with new realities and methods for working with the constituents affected. They will leave the seminar with a five point plan on how to take the next steps in their organizations through these damn difficult times?

Seminar details: A three-hour seminar will provide participants an opportunity to discuss the concept of new realities, to explore how their new realities impact them and their organizations and to learn skills and techniques of dealing with the management of change.

Audience: This workshop is ideal for senior organizational leaders with at least five years management experience.

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