Annabel Beerel

Leading People: Leading Change

DSC_4301-XLThis one day experiential seminar provides participants with opportunities to experience and examine personal and group behavior in response to the exercise of authority, leadership and power in the face of change.Participants will gain an understanding of group dynamics and will become skilled in reading the group’s response. They will learn about the roles they take up and those assumed by others. They will be invited to exercise leadership in a real time context and reflect on their own leadership strategies. Through direct experience they will gain insights into their own leadership behavior and they will have a chance to explore new options.

Participants will have an opportunity to discuss the barriers to exercising leadership; and will gain insights as to how they can avoid or overcome these barriers.By the end of the seminar, participants will have the ability to apply important elements of the Systemic Leadership approach to real life leadership challenges. They will gain knowledge of the technique of systemic analysis. They will develop new skills in mobilizing others. They will understand the distinction between adaptive and technical work, and between overt and covert group issues.

This is an intense, fast-paced, experiential and fun seminar. No one will leave without a sense of personal transformation and new insights into the challenges of being a leader.


  • To promote increased self-awareness and leadership competence in personal and community arenas.
  • To enhanced understanding of one’s own assumptions, expectations, and projections around authority and leadership and how these influence the way in which one engages in the world.
  • To have an opportunity to exercise leadership real time and to learn how to analyze the effectiveness of one’s own and others leadership strategies.
  • To learn about the Systemic Leadership approach and how this can be applied in real world situations.

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