Annabel Beerel

Mindfulness Leadership Series: Seminar 1

Consciousness – Mindfulness – Leadership: Why they matter

Are you interested in Leadership? Would you like to be a Mindful Leader? If so, you are invited to this intriguing seminar that will challenge the way you see the world, how you think, and how you engage with others. We will explore the following areas:

Part 1: Leadership – How do you understand leadership? How might you exercise personal and organizational leadership to greater effect? What kind of worldviews do you have and how do you frame reality?

  • The key challenges facing leaders today.
  • An exploration of how consciousness and mindfulness shape reality.
  • The limits of thought and how it impedes our ways of knowing and understanding.
  • Examples and exercise.

Part 2: Consciousness – What is it? Where does it come from? When and how are you conscious? How does consciousness impact your reality?

  • Discussion on consciousness and the latest theories from philosophy and physics.
  • Ways in which we do and do not use our consciousness.
  • Examples and exercise.

Part 3: Mindfulness – What is Mindfulness? How might you practice Mindfulness?

  • Discussion on what mindfulness is and how it relates to consciousness.
  • A brief review of the latest neuroscience results on the benefits of mindfulness.
  • Meditation as a core discipline of mindfulness.
  • Examples and exercise.

This seminar will give you insights and techniques that you can apply immediately in both your personal and professional life.

Key Seminar Take-Aways

  • You will have a new appreciation of leadership.
  • You will understand how the power of the mind is your most effective leadership tool.
  • You will see and understand reality differently

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