Annabel Beerel

Mindfulness Leadership Series: Seminar 2


This is the second in the series of Mindful Leadership Seminars. It focuses on the dynamics of change and the role of consciousness and mindfulness in the change process.

Part 1: Leadership – Understanding the dynamics of change. What does it mean to be adaptive? How adaptive are you? Can you contribute to an adaptive organization?

  • The real tasks of leadership.
  • How to deal with anxiety, ambiguity, ambivalence and anger.
  • Developing a sense of presence and role modeling virtue and wisdom.
  • Examples and exercise.

Part 2: Consciousness – How can I become more conscious? At what level of consciousness do I operate? Do I include multiple ways of knowing?

  • How to develop a practice of self-remembering and self-awareness.
  • An exploration of the spectrum of consciousness and how to expand one’s own.
  • Recognizing that consciousness is relational.
  • Examples and exercise.

Part 3: Mindfulness – How does my mind change my brain? How does my brain change my mind? How can I improve my disposition; my judgments; my decision-making; my relationships?

  • The neuroscience insights to the mind-brain connection.
  • How presence develops compassion.
  • The role of insight meditation.
  • Examples and exercise.

Key Seminar Take-aways

  • You will have strategies to become more adaptive.
  • You will have greater insight and intuition.
  • You will be understand the roots of resilience.

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