Annabel Beerel

Mindfulness Leadership Series: Seminar 3


This is the third in the series of Mindful Leadership seminars. This seminar focuses on mobilizing others around change and creating a climate and culture of Mindfulness.

Part 1: Leadership – Mobilizing others around a coherent vision. What is a coherent vision? Why are change initiatives typically failures or torturous? Can you mobilize others toward optimal performance?

  • Understanding the systemic impact of change.
  • Emotional Intelligence revisited.
  • Moving people from fear to self-actualization.

Examples and exercise.

Part 2: Consciousness – How can I become more conscious? At what level of consciousness do I operate? Do I include multiple ways of knowing?

  • Learning to dis-identify and depersonalize.
  • Working with our own and the organization’s shadow.
  • Breaking the habits of the mind.

Examples and exercise.

Part 3: Mindfulness – How do I use mindfulness in everyday life? Do I encourage mindfulness in others?  How can I promote a culture of Mindfulness at work?

  • Fostering a climate of critical and creative thinking.
  • Building the muscles of focus and concentration.
  • Honoring the right-side of the brain.
  • Examples and exercise
  • Key Seminar Take-Aways
  • You will understand the power of mobilization.
  • You will appreciate the power of potential.
  • You will be understand how to role model a new leadership.

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