Annabel Beerel

Buddha Heart; Buddha Mind

Buddha Heart; Buddha Mind
A Buddhist Reflection and Meditation Retreat

Explore the peace and compassion offered by Buddhist religion and philosophy at this two-day seminar.

The purpose of this Retreat is to step out of frenetic daily life and to explore the peace and compassion offered by Buddhist religion and philosophy.

Your two days away from daily routines or demands are designed to give you new appreciation for your life. It may provide you with new insights or remind you of peace and happiness you have experienced and can experience again. If nothing else, you will learn some of the techniques of Buddhist meditation. You will also have a chance to think about different spiritual paths and have time to inquire a little more into your own. You will meet other wonderful people who are investigating their lives, too.

Readings will be provided both in advance and at the Retreat. There is no pressure to prepare or to memorize anything. All that is necessary is that you bring YOURSELF and that you wish to spend some deep and special time with her, as SHE is always spending time with you!

A sample retreat agenda:


Welcome & Introductions at 10:00 am, followed by an introduction of Meditation, and an overview of Buddhism

Break for lunch, walk, movement

Friday afternoon focuses on details of Buddhist teachings, followed by Meditation and Reflection time

After cocktails and dinner, we compare Buddhism with other religions, and then end the day with a Reflection


Early morning meditation, followed by breakfast

Morning will focus on discussions/exercises on Mindfulness, followed by lunch and then a final Reflection and Farewell (ending at 2:00 pm)

Next retreat date and location TBA

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