Annabel Beerel

The Task of Leadership Is To Identify and Frame Reality: Seminar


There is no other more important, compelling, urgent and ethical task. It is this task that anchors the work of leadership. And it is this task that can be carried out from a position of formal or informal authority.

LEADERSHIP IS A HUGELY CHALLENGING ROLE because identifying and framing REALITY is difficult. Reality does not arrive in neat packages. It comes slowly, often surreptitiously, arriving in ripples that suddenly become waves.

Reality is also “messy.” It needs to be intuited, felt, sensed, listened to with an inner voice, and explored, before it is quickly turned into rational, quick fix solutions. Often a new reality is unpleasant, and people prefer not to face the truth. So they deny, distract, get frustrated, check-out, or get so frightened and angry that they kill the messenger in the hopes that the reality will go away.

Unfortunately, we frequently promote people into leadership roles for their abilities to feed us BS. We would rather have fantasy, distractions, busyness doing the wrong things, anything at all, rather than face REALITY!


Find out about this cutting edge three-hour seminar on Leadership and New Realities. You will learn about the key competencies of leadership and how to identify new realities, the importance of systems thinking, and what it means to mobilize others to adapt.

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