Annabel Beerel

Window on the World

In a globalizing world intercultural competence is essential. In order to engage and negotiate effectively managers of organizations need a good grasp of the religious and cultural background of people who originate from other countries and different ethnicities. In many countries religious traditions provide the base values and world views of its people.

To operate effectively on a global stage requires intercultural sensitivity, respect and appreciation for other people and their way of being and operating in the world. Effective managers have an appreciation of the religious and cultural effect on values, preferred ethical principles, mindsets, assumptions, motivation, behavior and decision making strategies.

This Seminar is aimed at managers responsible for or engaged in executing global operations.

This seminar:

  • Provides critical insights into the myths, cultural mores, ethics and religious perspectives of non-Western cultures and how these affect relationships, contractual negotiations, work practices and work performance
  • Explores the complexity of managing an inter-cultural workforce and the cultural and religious tensions that exist
  • Discusses cultural mindsets, motivational strategies and performance expectations of different cultures and ethnicities
  • Provides practical ideas on how to improve management empathy and performance improvement in a globalizing world
  • Sets out the different understandings of leadership, authority and power
  • Helps executives promote global business citizenship and shape their managers into citizens of the world

At the end of the Seminar, participants will have a good grasp of the key differences in mindset, motivation and performance of different religions and cultures and they will have practical strategies for engaging in foreign countries or working with a diverse workforce.

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