A Better Me; Better You; Better World

The Way Of Hope

Mindfulness is a path to finding union – or yoga – with our innermost selves. Mindfulness, along with its partner, meditation, helps us to gain self-mastery over our minds and inner tranquility.

The goal of mindfulness is to apprehend reality as it is, and to develop ourselves – mind, body, and soul – to our utmost potential in every moment of our lives. It is to live life in the most aware, intentional, and engaged way that we can.

Statistics report that between 15%-20% of companies are introducing mindfulness into their organizations. The reason for this growth is that mindfulness provides a powerful antidote to the anxiety, stress, and disharmony that many contend to be their daily burden. Mindfulness and meditation are proven and powerful methods for gaining tranquility and equanimity amidst the frenetic, anxiety driven streets of our disquieted souls. It also helps us improve our emotional intelligence and cognitive capacities.

Why not make it part of your life practice?

Annabel provides both individual and group mindfulness and meditation sessions. For more information or to discuss this contact Annabel.

Annabel is a certified mindfulness and meditation instructor as well as a certified spiritual counselor.